BASES 2017

In its previous 24 versions, the Festival has received over 22 thousand short films, among which it has exhibited 2850 short films from all continents (56 countries) reaching a figure close to 432,000 spectators in-room and about 10 million by other means.

This year FESANCOR unrestrictedly deepens its vocation oriented towards cultural diversity in accordance with the universal declaration of UNESCO that today takes a particular urgency before the climate of intolerance that sieze the culture and falls on the towns.

FESANCOR promotes the presence of the short film in Television, Cinema Clubs, Colleges, Internet and publishes a bilingual catalog with all the selected works each year, which is a valuable instrument of diffusion for the international audiovisual medium. This is how this Festival has been shaping a leadership position and one of the most important festivals of the short film format in Latin America. But what is equally relevant for FESANCOR is keeping the short-film alive before the numerous public and private initiatives to relativize its importance in the exploration of visual and audiovisual languages.


July 12th.


Monday, September 25th - Monday, October 2


National Cinetheque of Chile


All the short films completed since January 2013 in the FICTION, DOCUMENTARY, ANIMATION and EXPERIMENTAL genres (as long as they have not been previously nominated at FESANCOR), will be eligible to take part of the competition. The works must have a maximum duration of 30 minutes and ensure the technical standards that guarantee their projection on the screen. A curatorship designated by the Festival will nominate the works of the competition. This year 2017, you have to stay within the following formats and specifications:

MP4 or MOV, H264. 1920x1080px, 20-50 FPS.

Submission of short films through the use of free platforms:
WeTransfer, Vimeo (only downloadable up to 2GB, films that can not be downloaded will not be evaluated). You can also send the short films through DVD discs by traditional mail. It is required that 3 copies of the competing film be sent to:

Carlos Alvarado 5720, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Postal Code: 7550159

In both modalities of application the shorts have to be sent with the application form with the information requested at The short films sent, regardless of the platform used, will be part of the audiovisual heritage of the Festival and will not be returned or eliminated. FESANCOR reserves the right to disseminate and display in all support the works received, with promotional purposes of FESANCOR. The organizers of FESANCOR also reserve the exclusive right to suspend or modify the event. Please also attach the following:

A) Curriculum of the filmmaker: Indicate date of birth, nationality, studies.
B) Filmography: Awards or mentions of the postulant short film. Date and place of release, company or main actors, producer.
C) If you have rights to: music, script, or others.
D) 2 photos of the short film in JPG format at 300 dpi.


The complete list of officially nominated applicants will be published on our website, on August 15, 2017


The applicant has the option to participate in the short film market. If you wish, you must inform it in the Registration Form that must be sent to Attached to the mail must be a PDF file of a notary letter, where it is declared to have the rights of exhibition and marketing of the shorts that were registered.
If you want to see and buy shorts or your exhibition rights that the festival presents, you have to register with your name, nationality, address, telephone, e-mail, company, establishment, organization.
The Santiago Short Film Market will be open from October 26 to 27, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
If you want to have a booth with your presence and your products you have to request it in writing to


A jury composed of national and international personalities of the arts and culture will deliberate on the works in competition. The decisions of the jury will be final. The winner of the first prize in one of the four categories may be invited to participate as a jury of FESANCOR 2018.